Duane Lyal Cole
July 1st, 2007 by Jessica

Duane smiles in one of the first photos taken of himDuane Lyal Cole was born October 16, 1929 in Valparaiso, Indiana. He was the oldest of 11 children from his parents, Lyal Newton Cole and Agnes Berniece Barkley.

A stern look is coming from Duane while in pilot’s gearDuane’s middle name was passed down from his father, Lyal Newton. Duane then passed his middle name to his first son, Douglass Lyal. His second son was also named after him, Keith Duane.

His siblings were: Lorraine Agnes, Blaine Eugene, Wayne Lee, Elaine Berniece, Darlaine Jo, Laine Robert, Marlaine June, Charlaine Ann, Arlaine Rita, and Zane Lynn. Obviously, there was a pattern here.

Duane and Florence on their wedding day in 1951Duane married Florence Mae Fitzgerald on January 20, 1951 in Valparaiso, Indiana. The couple had four children: Douglass Lyal, Keith Duane, Bret Alan, and Colleen Mae.

Duane stands with his children and grandchildren at a family reunion in 1981The family moved around a lot in northwestern Indiana and central Michigan while Duane looked for work. Duane and Florence briefly separated in 1968 but quickly rejoined for the rest of Duane’s life.

Duane sits down in his favorite armchair to read the newspaperDuane was a very stern man. He worked hard his entire life to support his family. He was a tall man, often towering over his small grandchildren and invoking fear into their little eyes. (This, of course, being written by one of them.) He was always joking around, known to point the “Ugly Finder” at kids’ noses and scar them for life. (Just kidding.)

He was a wonderful man who is often dearly missed by his siblings and his children and grandchildren. Duane died on December 4, 1994 at the age of 65. He is buried in Kimball Cemetery in Liberty Township, Indiana, next to a spot set up for his wife Florence.

A Matter of Public Record: Duane Lyal Cole

1930 US Census, State of Indiana, Lake County, Gary City, ED 3, Sheet 8A, Line 30

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