Diane Marie Dreffs
July 1st, 2007 by Jessica

Twins Diane and Daniel are held by their mother Mary in the hospitalDiane Marie Dreffs was born in Saginaw, Michigan at St. Mary’s Hospital on January 21, 1952. She was welcomed into the world with her fraternal twin brother, Daniel Ray.

Her mother was Mary Rose Stroik and her father was Walter Anthony Dreffs.

Diane poses in this 3rd grade school portraitDiane is the youngest of 16 children. Her brothers are Walter and Daniel. Her sisters are Sandra and Wilma. Her half-siblings are Edward, Rose, Donald, Helen, Andrew, Albert, and Mary. She also had a half-sister Alice who died as an infant, and a pair of twin siblings who were stillborn. Wilma and Walter are also twins, making Diane part of the third set from her mother, and the baby of them all.

Daniel and Diane are baptized at age 8Diane was baptized into the Catholic church when she was eight years old. She attended public schools until the eighth grade, at which time she was forced to start working to help support the family at home.

Diane poses for her eighth grade school portraitDiane met Douglass Lyal Cole at Yankee’s Grocery where they worked together in Bridgeport, Michigan. They were married on March 20, 1971 at Saint Anthony’s Church. The couple has two children. Kathleen Mae was born June 22, 1972. Jessica Marie was born September 4, 1977. Diane and Douglass were divorced in 1986, when she moved to Mio, Michigan.

Robert and Diane were married at the Oscoda County Courthouse in 1993She married Robert Henry Kane on November 5, 1993 at the Oscoda County Courthouse in Mio, Michigan. Bob was born August 10, 1936 in Providence, Kentucky. He died suddenly on September 8, 2000 at the couple’s home in Mio, Michigan.

Diane smiles on Christmas Day, 1990Diane lived with partner Bruce Struble from 2001 until his death in December, 2006. Bruce was a kind and loving man who will be missed dearly.

Lenny poses with Diane in front of her vanIn Spring 2006, Diane purchased a brand new home for her property in Mio, Michigan. She lives there now with her friend Lenny. She enjoys socializing, gambling, gardening and collecting coins. Diane has been a bartender at a local saloon since 1988.

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