Leopold Fizer I
July 1st, 2007 by Jessica

Leopold Fizer was born September 29, 1887 in Poland. When he came to the United States circa 1910, his name was changed at Ellis Island to Leopold Fisher.

He married his wife, Bernice Jedrzejczyk, before 1909 presumably in Poland. He is pictured to the left with his brother-in-law, Walter Andrews. The couple had their only son, Leopold Fizer II, in Poland in 1909.

Leopold Fizer II later changed his name to Leopold Fischer (with a C) apparently because he didn’t want anyone to think he was Jewish.

Leopold Fisher’s son, Leopold Fischer II, also had a namesake. Leopold Fischer III also had a son named Leopold Fischer IV.

Leopold and Bernice are pictured to the left circa 1960. They had their three girls in Illinois after immigrating to the United States: Bernice (1912), Mary Sophie (1924), and Wanda (1926).

He passed away February 25, 1964 in Phoenix, Arizona. He is buried next to his wife, Bernice, at Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery in Phoenix, Arizona.

A Matter of Public Record: Leopold Fizer I

World War I Draft Registration, State of Illinois, Chicago City, Draft Board 12, Draft Card F, Serial Number 3265, Order Number 1154, Image 114/336, 12-1-12-A, Registered June 5, 1917

1930 US Census, State of Illinois, DuPage County, Addition Township, ED 14, Sheet 5B, Image 10/35, Line 79

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