Treasure Chest Thursday – My Starter Earring
February 16th, 2012 by Jessica

In an effort to document my family treasures which cannot be scanned in, I am publishing this series of pictures as part of the Treasure Chest Thursday theme at Geneabloggers.  Someday in the future, I hope to shed some light on these treasures for my family who might inherit them.  What were they for?  Who did they come from? Why were they considered treasures?  Let’s find out.

Jessica's Starter Earring

Jessica's Starter Earring

Here it is – my “starter” earring.  This gold and sapphire stud was the one I had installed in my ears at Claire’s Boutique in the Saginaw Fashion Square Mall, sometime around 1990.  A starter earring is a stud that is thicker than most earrings to help keep your ear hole opened up.  They punch it through your ear with a little gun after rubbing alcohol on the ear lobe.  You have to keep it in your ear for six weeks, twisting and turning it every day and cleaning the area with peroxide.

Interestingly, I gave the other earring to my high school boyfriend, Corey Sundquist.  He used to wear it on the pocket of his flannel shirts while we were dating.  I’m guessing it has long since gone into the trash heap since we broke up in 1995 when I went to college.

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