Treasure Chest Thursday – Ring Monster From Aunt Colleen
January 19th, 2012 by Jessica

In an effort to document my family treasures which cannot be scanned in, I am publishing this series of pictures as part of the Treasure Chest Thursday theme at Geneabloggers.  Someday in the future, I hope to shed some light on these treasures for my family who might inherit them.  What were they for?  Who did they come from? Why were they considered treasures?  Let’s find out.

Ring Monster From Aunt Colleen

Ring Monster From Aunt Colleen

My Aunt Colleen (Cole) Zana made this little ceramic ring holder.  I received it as a gift in 1983.  My sister Kathleen has it’s sibling – a matching red one.  I really treasure this fragile little piece of art.  My Aunt Colleen made it – and I LOVE it because of that!

For years, my sister used hers to store her rings at the sink when she did the dishes.  Mine has held little treasures over the years but I never used it for ring storage.  I keep him stored in a clear display box so it doesn’t get dusty or broken.

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