Treasure Chest Thursday – The Dreffs Twin Dolls
October 27th, 2011 by Jessica

In an effort to document my family treasures which cannot be scanned in, I am publishing this series of pictures as part of the Treasure Chest Thursday theme at Geneabloggers.  Someday in the future, I hope to shed some light on these treasures for my family who might inherit them.  What were they for?  Who did they come from? Why were they considered treasures?  Let’s find out.

Dreffs Twins Toys

Dreffs Twins Toys

These little plastic dolls were once owned by my mother, Diane Marie Dreffs and her twin brother, Daniel Ray Dreffs.  I’m guessing they would have entered the family in 1953 or 1954.

As you can see, they have seen better days but are generally still in pretty good condition.  The girl doll has one precious shoe remaining from her needlepoint outfit.  The little beanie belongs to the set although I’m not entirely sure if it goes with the girl or the boy doll.

My mother gave me these dolls in 2000 when I took up an interest in family history.  They are a true family treasure.

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  • Wendy writes:
    October 27th, 201111:13 amat

    Adorable dolls! But I think I’d stick that hat on the boy.

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