Treasure Chest Thursday – Cabbage Patch Kid Magnets
October 13th, 2011 by Jessica

In an effort to document my family treasures which cannot be scanned in, I am publishing this series of pictures as part of the Treasure Chest Thursday theme at Geneabloggers.  Someday in the future, I hope to shed some light on these treasures for my family who might inherit them.  What were they for?  Who did they come from? Why were they considered treasures?  Let’s find out.

Cabbage Patch Kid Magnets

Cabbage Patch Kid Magnets

This week, my featured treasure is this rather large pair of Cabbage Patch Kid magnets.  This little boy and girl used to reside on the refrigerator at my grandmother’s house.  Mary Rose (Stroik, Kasper, Karpuk, Dreffs) Romaine used to let me play with them when my mother and I came over to visit.  One day, probably sometime in 1981 or 1982, she let me have them.  I have treasured them ever since.

I was absolutely enthralled with Cabbage Patch Kids.  My very own CPK was a boy with dark brown curly hair and a yellow jumpsuit.  I officially had his name changed to George Michael.  I even got a name change certificate in the mail.  I don’t know what happened to George or his birth certificate.  I’m sure he was thrown out or donated at some point when my DaD tired of me not cleaning my room as a child.  Thankfully, these two magnets survived, probably because they were smaller and hidden away somewhere in the bedroom.

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